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Welcome to Farm to French

Designing beautiful spaces that you want to create a life in.

I have a passion for design and a passion for people. When combining the two, I live my best life while making yours a lot easier! When you choose to work with me, my one and only goal is making your dream for your home come true. I want to enhance the way you live by making the most of your space and bringing its full potential to life. I believe our families best memories are made inside the 4 walls of our home, and we can all love our homes no matter the size or budget!

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Why Farm to French?

My inspiration...

"Farm to French" was created while my husband and I were daydreaming one evening discussing our custom build we were on the verge of beginning. Like the authenticity, fresh feel and homegrown tastings of a "Farm to Table" meal... we wanted our home to feel "Farm to French"... (I truly love the french country style with a touch of farmhouse casual so the term spoke on many levels.) That being said, I don't only enjoy designing french country spaces, I enjoy all kinds of designs and styles. God created too much color, flavor and variety in this life for everyone's style to be the same. My main purpose of Farm to French is that I want each space to feel authentically yours, homegrown and custom made to your liking and style.


"The ache for Home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can come as we are and not be questioned."

Maya Angelo 


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Let's chat! Consultations are completely free. We can meet, discuss your ideas and dreams for your home, and I will send you a personal quote with detailed descriptions and a plan that works for you.

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